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I shot my very first lookbook on film.  It was quiet the experiment, and a fun experience.  I had no idea how the cameras were going to perform or if I would be any good at it.  The important part was just to play, have fun, and learn!  It was such a fun filled morning shooting with Jenna on a deserted little beach.  We got up before sunrise and made our way to the beach, no idea what we were going to do, just winging it.  In the end it turned out better than expected!

I shot on four 35mm cameras. The best cameras turned out to be the Canon FTB and a vintage Minolta.  Both were bought second hand. I had no indication if they would work. But boy did they!  I can honestly say that I love film. It’s a bit of a mystery, a little bit pricey, but the rewards are vast when you get it right! The Canon is a bit technical and has a lot of settings, which I am slowly learning. (I’m not the best when it comes to technical stuff) But it’s a really great film camera. If you can get your hands on one, do so!

The lookbook was for our range of beach tees. Just a fun tee to chill in at home or at the beach. Our local mermaid Jenna was the perfect fit for the look. If you follow her on Instagram you will know she is a beach lover of note! Find her IG link at the end of the post. Make sure you go follow her on her adventures, she’s quiet the photographer.

Orms developed our film, you can choose to get digital files (yay no wasting money on printing and scanning!) That makes life so much easier, and small mistakes can easily be rectified in Lightroom or Photoshop. It took a few days, but it’s the festive season, one has to have a bit of patience!

I’m so excited to go play around with film again! So if you are keen to model for us, please pop us a mail and we will get back to you asap.

Looking forward to a year of playing and learning with film.

Model Jenna Moore

Photographer Janece Frick

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